Monday, January 17, 2011

Complete The Phrase (Voice/Speech Recognition enabled quiz game for Android)

We, the Developers of the game "Complete the Phrase" would like to announce that the game has just been released in the Android Market.

Below is a brief description of what the game does:

Complete the Phrase:
Voice activated fun quiz game of completing common phrases and saying.
When the level gives you questions like 'Marco ____', hit the speak button and answer 'polo' or 'Marco Polo' before time runs out.
Get the highest Scores and compete with friends and family.
Loads of fun for the whole family.

* Fun and challenging voice activated phrase completion game.
* Great game to show of your phone's speech recognition capabilities.
* Stylish graphics
* 10 levels
* Excellent Speech Recognition
* Fun for the whole family
* Educational value for kids and adults
* Similar to Don't for get the Lyrics TV show

QR Code:

We realized that android's inherent speech recognition capabilities are excellent and there aren't quiet so many games built around the feature.
We think this game does a great job focusing on that point. We would actively try to make the experience better for the customers as well as try to be better as an industry to learn and develop best strategies oriented towards customer satisfaction.